Jazyková škola Lingua Centrum – nejlepší výuka jazyků.

Company Courses

  • We have been at the forefront of language teaching for 30 years.
  • Our own teachers cover the entire Czech Republic.
  • We do not tolerate any compromises when it comes to the quality of teaching.
  • We save our clients’ time, energy and money. 

Our quality has been confirmed by the Czech and international institutions

Standard AJŠ

As one of the few schools in the Czech Republic, we have passed the Bureau Veritas certification audit focused specifically on the quality of language education.

Cabridge english


We have been preparing students for the prestigious Cambridge English exams since 2011. Candidates can also take the exam at the multiple locations our school offers.

Asociace jazykových škol

We are an educational institution accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. We offer courses finished with a certificate within a study programme approved by the Ministry of Education.

Who will teach you?

Careful Selection

We only invite qualified teachers to a personal interview and demonstration lesson. Only those whose abilities fully meet our stringent selection criteria will become the members of our team.

Consistent Training

During initial training, we acquaint the teachers with the specific requirements of corporate teaching. Furthermore, our teachers receive our special Lead & Learn methodology seminar.

Development of Skills

Each teacher undergoes listening sessions with his/her mentor (Senior teacher). Every year we organize dozens of workshops and seminars. There is an extensive library with many additional materials available to all teachers.

Regular Inspection

At least once a year each teacher is checked by an unannounced inspection, which is followed by an evaluation analysis of the lesson, analysis of strong and weak aspects of teaching and recommendations for further professional growth.

Your progress is our priority We care and let you know

We know that our students and clients are satisfied with us because:


We check satisfaction over the phone after three lessons already.


Our courses are precisely organised.


Our course coordinators are easy to communicate.


In each course, our students evaluate the satisfaction questionnaire.


Test results, progress and student evaluation are available on-line.


We are flexible, we fulfil your requirements immediately, and we are happy to do so.


Our billing is timely and flawless.

Information promptly, accurately and in real time

We guarantee our clients above-standard service in the form of providing information to all persons involved in teaching languages. We use our own LAPort information system (Lingua Admin Portal) which we have developed for the needs of corporate language education. You will receive all information immediately, accurately and in real time, because LAPort provides:


Complete overview, simplicity and intuitive design

Full responsiveness – it adapts to PC, tablet and smartphone

Information in the fastest possible way from all teaching recording systems on the market

Overviews of teaching, attendance, curriculum and assigned homework

Possibility to apologize from lessons on-line (eOmluvenka) – no late cancelled lessons

Evaluation and long-term monitoring of students’ progress

Cost calculation for individual students, courses and cost centres

Electronic overview of issued invoices

Personal approach for HR employees, accountants, students and company management