Jazyková škola Lingua Centrum – nejlepší výuka jazyků.

Individual lessons

Do you want to learn a foreign language but have little time? 

See a short story and find out how to solve it easily.  

This is Hanka. Hanka has a good job and is very good at it. 
One day the boss offered her a promotion when she learns English. 

She often missed evening group courses. 

She searched the internet and arranged individual lessons at the Lingua Centrum.

She was very fond of the teacher and soon began to actually speak English. She was promoted, moved, but now what?

Her great teacher continues to teach her on Skype. 

Do you have it like Hanka? Just click and relax  

  • Is a standard course too lengthy for you, or are you not coping with the substance?
  • Don’t you like sharing your teacher?
  • Do you need time-flexible lessons?
  • Do you want to focus on grammar or just conversation?
  • In short, do you want tailor-made lessons for yourself only?