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HR Skills

Training, seminars, preparations and workshops for all who realize that they live in a period of everyday turbulence and want to learn to actively face the changes.

Who is your teacher?


14 years of experience in business management (DHL Czech Republic, Gebrüder Weiss, Educatoria Institut).
11 years of experience in human resources in manufacturing and business companies up to 500 employees (Advantage Consulting, Italflexo, ARS AQUA).
More than 10 years of experience with lecturing and consulting in the field of motivation of people, increasing the efficiency and performance of employees and reducing costs.
8 years of experience as an evaluator of ESF OPLZZ, OPLZ projects with A+ rating.

The teacher answers the question – why to visit her courses:

– I do not advise on the basis of learned or read, we share many years of experience.
– I do not teach. I help to anchor what you intuitively know long ago.
– I bet on common sense – no theory can make up for experience in model situations.
– I bet on maximum simplification of complex methods.
– I support finding own path without the unified use of a single valid theory.
– I accompany the common discussion by the search of new ways that are tailored to you.
– I believe in the common experience sharing and good practice of participants in the course.
– My goal is maximum usefulness and transfer of new skills to your practice.

PhDr. Ivana Olivová
+420 604 484 326