Pamela Cardoza

The main reason I moved here was because I wanted to be closer to my boyfriend. We met when I was living in the US, but unfortunately he had to come back to Europe while I stayed there to continue with my education and work. After a year and a half of a very challenging long distance relationship, we managed to find a university for me in Prague. I was very happy about that, and I felt like it would be a great opportunity for me to grow and to travel around Europe.

When it comes to the Czech Republic and Mexico, I find more differences than similarities between the cultures and people. I think that both are amazing and full of history. However, it’s hard to compare these two countries because to me they are so unique. But, I would say that both Mexican and Czech people like it when you show interest in their roots and their language. They really appreciate it when you try to speak their language and understand them.

Probably the biggest difference I have noticed is that Czech people are less conservative and less affectionate compared to Mexican people. Family and religion are two very important aspects in the Mexican culture, and here those two things don’t seem so important to people these days, and that often relates to how people act.

The thing that surprised me the most when I moved here was definitely the architecture and the way they try to maintain it as it was in the past. Thanks to that, people can see and appreciate the beauty of the city as it’s been for many years, and that for me is so valuable.